Me, Myself, and Ed:  transitioning to me, myself, and i

Music has been a gigantic part of my life since Day One.  To this day it doubles as my favorite pastime and number one way to relax.  Both to listen to and play, music is my own personal therapy.  I couldn't imagine living without it.

As a child, I grew up in a very musical family.  All ten of my first cousins pursued an instrument(s) at some point in their lives for an extended period of time--many still play today.  I personally took piano lessons formally for ten years.  I still would now if I had the time!  I also had flute lessons for six years.

Throughout my adolescence, into young adulthood, I had many part-time jobs involving playing the piano and teaching both the piano and flute.  I absolutely loved teaching.  I taught piano lessons from a music studio for nearly seven years.  If I had the energy, I would still teach now alongside my full-time job.  One day when I'm more settled, I will teach privately from my own home.  Just writing about it makes me happy!

So why social work, you ask?  I never wanted to pursue music as my career because I always wanted to keep it as my own passion to enjoy and have fun with.  I never wanted to take any enjoyment away from it by making it my means to make a living.

At this point in time, where Ryan and I live now, we are not able to have a piano (nor could I afford one!) and it absolutely kills me.  I can just melt into the piano and drift into my own world at any given time.  It calms me.  Of course I have a full length keyboard with me, but need I say it absolutely does not compare?  How I miss it!

And when I'm not socializing, I'm listening to music.  It's what moves me through the day.  It's my outlet, and a really big part of what makes me me

                      I recommend that everyone listen to music, play music, and heal through music.

                                                                         It works.